Provides crappy gifts wrapping

Delivery services from coast to coast everyday

Pounds of poop that are beautifully wrapped

Sent to your friend with a sense of humor

How Prank Senders Work?

Pranksenders Introduction by PRANKSENDERS

Prank, provides crappy gifts wrapping and delivery services from coast to coast everyday. Pounds of poop that are beautifully wrapped and sent to your friend with a sense of humor, and we guarantee the delivery to remain 100% anonymous. Our services are strictly for gags and pranks only. Send a real life prank online to a friend or colleague, with our online pranking service. We have the best gags and pranks so you can prank today in the USA, Canada, Australia and Worldwide.

Prank Senders are perfectly legal as long as you understand the specific boundaries in place and why they are there. The regulations are very simple, but require you do not act in breach of them as you can be reported for various different violations.

What's Not Allowed:
  • *Making threats and saying abusive things
  • *Recording a prank call containing personal information and making it public without the consent of the person involved as this violates their data protection rights
  • *Impersonating a person of legal authority, for example a police officer
  • *Prank calls made to emergency services with false information
  • *Repeat calls to the same person may be grounds for malicious calling as it may cause distress
In short, prank calls are legal as long as you stick to the basic rules above. Usually the best prank calls consist of winding up someone in order to cause humiliation.

These sort of pranks are a lot more satisfying when played on someone you know, as you will be able to hear their reactions and make fun of them for a long time to come!

As a telecom provider of prank call services, we are governed by strict laws regarding the content of our prank calls, so we can guarantee that you can have the most fun with the most peace of mind.

Our Products

Flower 1 Rubber Poop sprayed with Liquid Ass.

This is something else right here. When you open this package you are never going to forget it because the smell is simply...

Flower 2 Rubber Rat gets people of all ages

Place this nasty little Rubber Rat in any place you like and you will scare the Poop out of someone instantly...

Flower 3 The all natural dog poop

This is a one of a kind crap coming from a local dog breeder. These dogs take care of business and when I say take care of business they really do...

Flower 4 Rubber Puke sprayed with Liquid Ass!

The floor was just mopped or the cushions on the couch are nice and clean and there goes some Rubber Puke sprayed with Liquid


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